In 2017, AVAN approached many other universities for Vis Program. After qualifying at the National Rounds Kateb and Tabesh Universities represented Afghanistan at Pre-moot, Kuwait. American University of Afghanistan, Kardan and Herat Universities were selected to represent Afghanistan both in Hong Kong and Kuwait.

Here is the list of universities who participated in 2016-2017:

1. American University of Afghanistan 
2. Bakhtar University
3. Balkh University
4. Dunya University
5. Herat University
6. Jahan University 
7. Kabul University 
8. Kardan University
9. Kateb University
10. Mashal University 
11. Nangarhar University
12. Rana University 
13. Tabesh University

Achievement: American University of Afghanistan qualified to theFINALS at the Pre-moot, Kuwait.