In 2016, the VIS family expanded from 3 to 10 Universities, the coaches with the help of mentors from different countries continued coaching and helping the teams. 10 teams from governmental and private universities participated in the national competition held in Kabul-Afghanistan. Following are the participating teams in the National Moot:

1. Kabul University 
2. Kandahar University 
3. Nangarhar University 
4. Abu Raihan Alberoni University 
5. American University of Afghanistan (AUAF)
6. Kardan University 
7. Kateb University 
8. Dunya University 
9. Karwan University 
10. Gawarshad University

5 teams (Dunya, Nangarhar, Kateb, AUAF, Karwan) made it to Pre- Moot held in Bahrain and 4 teams (AUAF, Kateb, Nangarhar, Dunya) made it to actual moot held in Hong Kong.

-AUAF made it to semi-finals at the Pre-Moot 
– Best Oralist Respondent award to Fayez Sahak at the Pre-Moot 
-AUAF qualified to Top 4 Asian team in Hong Kong