Duniya Stanikzai Biography

Duniya Stanikzai

Mrs. Duniya Stanikzai is a law graduate from Kabul University. Duniya Stanikzai is currently working as Attorney at Resolute Support Rule of Law and Governance since December 2015 till Present.Duniya Stanikzai was one of the first participant in the Afghanistan Vis Moot in 2013. She participated in Qatar Pre-moot and Hong Kong actual Moot in 2014. She is the Director of the Afghanistan William C. Vis Moot Alumni. She serves as the Arbitrator of Afghanistan Center for Commercial Dispute Resolution (ACDR), is a member of the Afghanistan Independent Bar Association (AIBA) and member of Lawyers Union of Afghanistan (LUA). She has served as associate attorney and attorney for more than 3 years in different legal firms such as RIAA-LAW, Advocate and Corporate Counselor, UK in Association with Barker Gillette LLP, Misbah Sahil Legal Consultancy Services (MSLCS) and Misbah Maher Legal Consultancy– Kabul, Afghanistan.

Mrs. Farahnaz Roman Biography

Farahnaz Roman

Graduated from American University of Afghanistan (AUAF), Mrs. Farahnaz Roman is currently serving as Project Officer at Danner Afghanistan for Women Empowerment Organization (DAWEO). Her Vis journey started with her participation as a Vis Mootie in 2015, representing AUAF in the regional and international competitions. She stayed connected to the program and served as Coach and later as Manager for the Afghan Vis Moot Teams. She believes Vis Moot is a challenging and yet extremely fulfilling educational experience in life. It is not only a competition but a home of intellectuals gathering from all over the world, a family that keeps growing each year and helps each other throughout and even after the program.

Mr. Zahid Omarzai

Zahid Omarzai

“Zahid Omarzai joined Vis Moot in 2015. He competed in 7th Annual Middle East Premoot and in 13th Annual Vis East Moot. In 2016-2017, he coached Dunya University, Herat University and Kardan University. Since April 2017 he is serving Afghanistan Vis Alumni Network as a manager.